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AWS - Building a VPC from Scratch

February 09, 2020

I'm currently studying for my AWS Solutions Architect exam and setting up a VPC is an extremely important aspect of the exam. In fact, if you can set up a VPC from scratch by memory - you're well over halfway there. This post is a simple how-to guide for anyone interested in setting up their own VPC on AWS.

Automated Testing. Do it.

February 04, 2020

Automated testing may not seem worth it - but its absolutely critical at any stage of your product lifecycle. Check out this post on why I think you should start automatically testing your app today.

Fixing image orientation on mobile camera uploads

November 02, 2019

Ever run into an issue trying to fix image orientation when uploading an image that was taken with the camera on a mobile device directly? Yeah, I ran into this issue this week...not fun.

Validating your CircleCI config

October 27, 2019

Did you know that you could validate your CircleCI config before pushing? Neither did I. Let me show you how.